Where's My Order?

We ship orders within two business days of purchase. When we ship orders, we send you a confirmation email containing your shipping information. This is also located in your account if you placed your order while logged in. Most orders take up to two business days to be shipped and another two or three business days to be delivered, but can take longer depending on the United States Postal Service. 


Where is my Horse Creek Boutique order? 

Within two business days of you placing your order:

Please wait to allow time for us to ship the pacakage and for it to be received by USPS. 

After two business days of placing your order:

Look for a shipping confirmation email containing your tracking information. Or log into your account to find information about your order (if you placed your order while logged in). If you can't find it, please contact us.

When you look up your tracking information, it may say that your order hasn't been received by USPS, but rest assured, it just hasn't been scanned yet. Your order is on its way! 

After four business days of placing your order:

Check your tracking information. If your package is still en route, don't fret, it will get there soon. Processing and shipping times can take up to (and more than) a week depending on USPS. If your package is not en route or has been lost, please contact USPS. 

After seven business days of placing your order:

If you still haven't received your package, and USPS is unable to help you locate your package or it is not still en route, please reach out to us.    

We want to do everything we can to get your package to you as quickly and safely as possible while still providing inexpensive flatrate shipping. That may mean we're not always as quick as Amazon, but we're far more friendly!