Mixture Luxury Laundry Wash

Mixture Luxury Laundry Wash

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  • 32 oz laundry wash 
  • Handmade laundry wash 
  • Add to your laundry for your favorite scent all day and night 
  • Can be used on most fabrics
  • Use in traditional or HE washing machines

No 5 Salt & Sage - Beach Day - Top notes of sea air, salt, and mineral textures of sand and stone. Driftwood, seaweed, and strong sage.

No 14 Black Pepper - Extraordinaire - Strong black pepper oil, vetiver, bergamot, and musk round out this rich and exotic blend.

No 15 Oud Wood - Spicy Wood - Opens with spicy citrus, cardamom, bergamot, agarwood, cedarwood, and patchouli. Sweet vanilla and amber on the finish.

No 22 Vat 9 - Truly Special - Blended our Vat #9. Opens up with cranberry, clove, honeysuckle, and cedarwood followed by vanilla sugar and nutmeg.